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Biofuture Platform launched

Ministers and high-level representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Paraguay, Philippines, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Uruguay gathered together on November 16, 2017, in Bonn, Germany, and have decided to join efforts in a new government-led, multi-stakeholder Biofuture Platform designed to promote international coordination on advanced … Continue reading »

Butamax prepares for bio-isobutanol commercialization

I have often heard the market potential for bio-isobutanol but the problem is, it’s expensive and Gevo seems to be the only producer in town. Maybe this will change as Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between BP and DuPont, recently announced plans to finally produce bio-isobutanol with its acquisition of Nesika Energy, LLC and … Continue reading »

Increase on Asian production capacities for bio-based chemicals, building blocks and polymers

I usually shy away from posting market studies and reports on bio-based chemicals because a) there are a lot of inflated figures being reported in the big world wide web; and b) it is frowned upon since I’m working for a consulting firm myself. However, nova Institute is a well-established, well-known expert in reporting about biopolymers … Continue reading »

LEAF opens new yeast facility and launches new product

Leaf – Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations has inaugurated its the new Lesaffre Yeast Corporation drying facility in Headland, Alabama, last week, which is reportedly the company’s first yeast drying facility in the United States. The drying facility is located in Headland, Alabama where Lesaffre and Red Star Yeast operate a cream yeast facility since the 1990’s. … Continue reading »

Gevo produces cellulosic jet fuel

I’m really noticing a lot of renewable jet fuel announcements this year, and I mentioned this at the recent Pan American Oleochemicals conference that I attended in Miami this week since I also presented a bit on the renewable diesel market. Anyway, Gevo announced this week that it has completed production of the world’s first … Continue reading »

JetBlue to use renewable jet fuel

JetBlue recently announced a ten-year purchase agreement with bioenergy company, SG Preston, for the purchase of renewable jet fuel produced from hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA). For those who are unfamiliar with this type of fuel, it is mostly based on hydrotreated fats and oils comparable to Neste’s renewable fuel product. According to the … Continue reading »

LanzaTech produces jet fuel via low carbon ethanol

The blog does not usually reports as much on biofuels but it has been awhile since we last posted about activities from LanzaTech. The company recently announced that it has produced the world’s first jet fuel (around 1,500 gallons)  based on LanzaTech’s CO-to-ethanol fermentation process. The jet fuel reportedly passed all initial performance tests with … Continue reading »

Enerkem’s waste-to-methanol plant now ISCC certified

Enerkem Inc., a waste-to-biofuels and chemicals producer, has obtained certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system for the biomethanol production of its Enerkem Alberta Biofuels full-scale facility in Edmonton, Canada. The biorefinery is said to be the first ISCC certified plant in the world to convert municipal solid waste into biomethanol. Enerkem already … Continue reading »

DOE releases initial 2016 Biomass report

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has rolled out the first volume of its 2016 Billion-Ton biomass report looking into the potential for US to sustainably produce at least one billion dry tons of non-food biomass resources annually by 2040. This is the third … Continue reading »

Abengoa files for insolvency protection

It might not be a good 2016 for Spain’s largest renewable energy company, Abengoa SA, as it teeters on bankruptcy following a huge stock price fall by more than 50% when the company announced on November 25 that it failed to close a deal with a major new investor, Gonvarri Steel Industries, a subsidiary of … Continue reading »

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