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“Doris’ Green Chemical blog is a great source of in-depth researched information about subjects of major relevance for me, presented in well-structured articles.” 

Thomas Buhl, Head of Business Development, Global Bioenergies

“Doris has worked hard to carve out a globally recognized role for herself as an authoritative source of news and analysis in the business of chemicals. Her green blog is by far the leading renewables chemicals publication of its type in the field. As a result, Doris’s reputation in the global chemical industry is at a level only enjoyed by less than a handful of journalists.” 

Neil Burns, Managing Partner, Neil A. Burns LLC

“Doris is a highly connected, thorough and reliable green chemistry reporter. She takes the time to get the important information from across the industry – and get it in an accurate and timely manner. I enjoy being a regular reader of her blog.” 

Andy Shafer, Executive Vice President, Sales and Market Development, Elevance Renewable Sciences

“Doris is one of the most respected and read journalists covering the renewable chemical sector. The industry looks to her as the reliable source on most stories. And anyone not following her on Twitter is missing out.” 

Paul Winters, Director of Communications, Biotechnology Industry Organization

“Doris’s blog is great to read. Informative and at the right level of detail. Excellent breath in scope. Covers industry well. Good links. Good follow through. Good fun!” 

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech

“Doris’s Green Chemicals blog is my “go-to” spot for news in the bio-based chemicals world. She is always on-point and quick to cover developments in this rapidly changing area.” 

Kieran Furlong, Director, Chemicals, Business Development, Virent, Inc.

“Doris is one of the really bright people in the renewables space. Read her blog…it is great!” 

Jere Kolstad, President, Rivertop Renewables

“Doris provides a reliable and up to the minute source of information on all activity in the bio-based chemicals area. Her grasp of network activity and the implications of new announcements make her blog posts insightful and interesting.” 

Adrian Higson, Head of Biorefining, NNFCC

“Have dealt with Doris a number of times (e.g. interviews, articles) and was always impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge of the industry.”

Marc Verbruggen, President/CEO, NatureWorks LLC

“I always enjoy reading Doris’ tweets and blogs. She is always very well informed and she writes knowledgeable and interesting articles about the developments in the green chemistry and bioplastics industries.” 

Tom van Aken, CEO, Avantium

“Doris De Guzman is the leading green chemicals blogger today. She has extensive knowledge of the renewable chemicals space and combines competence with courtesy. We are both at the cutting edge of communicating on the bioeconomy and as such I have been in touch with Doris for many years. She is always a pleasure to work with.” 

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO, Sustainability Consult

“The ICIS Green Chemistry blog is one of the best sources for up to date information on bioplastics in the media landscape worldwide. Whoever wants to get a comprehensive insight into the bioplastics industry and get to know the main players should research it carefully.” 

Kristy-Barbara Lange, Head of Communications, European Bioplastics e. V.

“Doris’s blog is always insightful, fact-filled, and well-written — actually entertaining to read! She clearly knows the green chem industry, people, and technology, and is a great source of information and news.” 

Mark Bünger, Research Director, Lux Research Inc.

“Doris writes a very incisive, leading edge blog in the field of green chemicals in which I am deeply involved. I rely on her timeliness, insights, and opinions in my work.” 

Ronald F. Cascone, Principal, Nexant, Inc.

“Doris is one of the most dedicated and hard working professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. While I consider myself knowledgeable in the Bioplastics space- I find Doris is the most valuable resource for the most up to date insights on companies, technologies and trends in this area. I follow her blogs and writings, since I know she has researched all the information in great detail. How she keeps up this pace of learning and dedication to being the “ultimate professional” is beyond me. I highly recommend Doris.” 

Jim Lunt, Managing Director, Jim Lunt & Associates LLC


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