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17 Reasons to Attend #BIOWC17

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of a seminal EPA study, Bioengineering for Pollution Prevention, which examined industrial biotechnology’s potential for sustainable production of biofuels, renewable chemicals and materials. BIO’s new analysis on a white paper launched ahead of the  BIO World Congress examines the ways the biotech industry has achieved the potential over the past … Continue reading »

Commercialisation Updates On Bio-Based Building Blocks

  With the many shifts in economic and political trends over the last year, many bio-based investments are focusing on the core of the Bioeconomy: bio-based building blocks and platform chemicals. nova-Institute’s preliminary market study “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities and Trends 2016–2021”, reports on seventeen building blocks with an estimated total … Continue reading »

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year

I’m copying IEA’s press release word for word as I believe this is an interesting article to read. Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were flat for a third straight year in 2016 even as the global economy grew, according to the International Energy Agency, signaling a continuing decoupling of emissions and economic activity. This was … Continue reading »

Increase on Asian production capacities for bio-based chemicals, building blocks and polymers

I usually shy away from posting market studies and reports on bio-based chemicals because a) there are a lot of inflated figures being reported in the big world wide web; and b) it is frowned upon since I’m working for a consulting firm myself. However, nova Institute is a well-established, well-known expert in reporting about biopolymers … Continue reading »

Sustainable Sourcing of Feedstocks for Bioplastics

Bio-based chemicals and materials producer, Corbion, has released a white paper outlining the company’s position on feedstock selection, as well as covering issues such as land use, feedstock efficiency and food security. The paper was presented in September at the company’s PLA feedstock workshop reportedly attended by some 70 companies throughout the value chain. Corbion … Continue reading »

New BIO Report: Renewable Chemical Commercialization

Industry trade organization, BIO, has released a new report featuring snapshots of the renewable chemical industry, with profiles of companies that are commercializing new bio-based chemicals/materials including production capacity. The report is intended to illustrate the potential of this industry, which according to McKinsey & Co. in the report, is estimated to make up 11% … Continue reading »

SPI Bioplastics Report

The culmination of the first #BioplasticsWeek that SPI, the US plastics industry trade association based in Washington D.C., launched this year led to its release of its Bioplastics Report under its Plastics Market Watch Series, which focuses on key end markets for the plastics industry. Members of SPI’s Bioplastics division came together in 2007 with … Continue reading »

DOE releases initial 2016 Biomass report

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has rolled out the first volume of its 2016 Billion-Ton biomass report looking into the potential for US to sustainably produce at least one billion dry tons of non-food biomass resources annually by 2040. This is the third … Continue reading »

Get to know the New Plastics Economy

While the blog is still in the bioplastics mood, I’ve been hearing more and more about circular economy when it comes to the plastics industry and I came across this interesting study as well as this new three-year initiative called the “New Plastics Economy” (NPEC) led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with a broad … Continue reading »

Study: Biodegradable/compostable plastics in Europe

nova-institute GmbH recently published a study on the consumption of biodegradable and compostable plastic products in Europe, which reportedly grew to 100,000 tons in 2015.  Consumption is expected to grow beyond 300,000 tons in 2020 if the legal framework were to be set more favorably.  This is based on an assumed annual growth rate of … Continue reading »

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