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European plastics industry sets sustainable targets

The trade organization, PlasticsEurope recently published its 2030 Voluntary Commitment, which contains a set of ambitious targets and initiatives by the European plastics industry towards a more sustainable economic solution. This commitment focuses on (1) increasing re-use and recycling, (2) preventing plastics leakage into the environment, and (3) accelerating resource efficiency. For the recycling targets, … Continue reading »

China’s scrap plastic ban hits US recyclers

The market for recycled plastics and paper will undergo a massive change next year with China’s ban for importing scrap plastics starts 1 January 2018. China announced last July that it will stop accepting imports of used plastics and paper to take steps to clean up its industrial pollution. China also wants to force its … Continue reading »

REPORT: European Commission Bio-based products recommended policies

Hello blog readers. Unfortunately, I am still unable to blog as much this month as I am currently enjoying my first long vacation this year in Aruba (after all the health issues, I think I do deserve this one). I just want to wish everybody happy holidays and if I don’t post again this year, … Continue reading »

Map of European Biorefineries

Cologne-based nova-Institute conducted a comprehensive survey of all European biorefineries in summer 2017. The project was done on behalf of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). For this purpose, a large number of sources were evaluated and an online survey was carried out, during which biorefineries could register themselves. Eventually, 224 biorefineries were identified and mapped … Continue reading »

European biocomposites reached 410 kt in 2017

Here’s a press release from Nova Institute on European Biocomposites. The biocomposite production in Europe is estimated by nova experts to amount to 410,000 tonnes in 2017. Over 30 compound companies produce and trade 80,000 tonnes of granulate with wood and natural fibres in Europe. In addition to the common petrochemical plastics PE, PP, TPE … Continue reading »

Genomatica releases 4th Renewable Chemicals Survey

Genomatica just finished its survey of the mainstream chemical industry, in partnership with ICIS Chemical Business. One of the key themes in the survey, according to the company, is that there is still big optimism for renewables where 71% of the people surveyed believe that renewable chemicals will be in common use within five years. … Continue reading »

17 Reasons to Attend #BIOWC17

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of a seminal EPA study, Bioengineering for Pollution Prevention, which examined industrial biotechnology’s potential for sustainable production of biofuels, renewable chemicals and materials. BIO’s new analysis on a white paper launched ahead of the  BIO World Congress examines the ways the biotech industry has achieved the potential over the past … Continue reading »

Commercialisation Updates On Bio-Based Building Blocks

  With the many shifts in economic and political trends over the last year, many bio-based investments are focusing on the core of the Bioeconomy: bio-based building blocks and platform chemicals. nova-Institute’s preliminary market study “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers – Global Capacities and Trends 2016–2021”, reports on seventeen building blocks with an estimated total … Continue reading »

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year

I’m copying IEA’s press release word for word as I believe this is an interesting article to read. Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were flat for a third straight year in 2016 even as the global economy grew, according to the International Energy Agency, signaling a continuing decoupling of emissions and economic activity. This was … Continue reading »

Increase on Asian production capacities for bio-based chemicals, building blocks and polymers

I usually shy away from posting market studies and reports on bio-based chemicals because a) there are a lot of inflated figures being reported in the big world wide web; and b) it is frowned upon since I’m working for a consulting firm myself. However, nova Institute is a well-established, well-known expert in reporting about biopolymers … Continue reading »

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