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Rennovia starts 1,6 HDO pilot production

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, there had been so many news late last month that it was hard to catch up. I am about to have my first 2017 vacation tomorrow, so I am trying to post a bit before I leave. Here’s one from Rennovia which recently announced the successful commissioning of its … Continue reading »

Rennovia, Stora Enso in partnership

Yes, it has been awhile since I last posted and unfortunately, May is not going to be a good blogging month for me. Next week I’ll be on a much needed vacation off! For Tecnon OrbiChem newsletter subscribers, I am working on a bio-surfactant special report, so stay tune. In the meantime, here is a … Continue reading »

Rennovia, Johnson Matthey in catalyst R&D

Specialty renewable chemicals developer, Rennovia Inc., has entered a joint development agreement with engineering and process technology firm, Johnson Matthey, for the co-development and manufacture of catalysts to be used in the scale-up and commercialization of Rennovia’s process for the production of bio-based glucaric acid and adipic acid. This agreement, for the co-development and manufacture of catalysts, builds upon … Continue reading »

Genomatica enters bio-polyamides market

So far, Genomatica’s business model seems to be doing pretty well as the company tries to stay out of burning cash through manufacturing, letting its partners from the chemical industry do the commercial production and marketing, and Genomatica instead focuses on R&D of various fermentation-based chemicals for its technology licensing portfolio. The company announced this … Continue reading »

Sime Darby invests in Verdezyne

  During President Obama’s trip to Malaysia this weekend, the country’s conglomerate giant, Sime Darby Berhad, announced that it will take a 30% stake, valued at $30 million, in San Diego-based renewable chemical company, Verdezyne. Sime Darby Renewables, a new unit under Sime Darby Plantation, will spearhead this initiative essentially focusing on converting traditional and … Continue reading »

Rennovia partners with JM Davy

Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Ltd. (JM Davy) and Rennovia are collaborating to develop, demonstrate and commercialize catalytic process technologies for the production of bio-based glucaric acid and adipic acid. Under the collaboration, Rennovia and JM Davy will work together to develop and demonstrate the processes based on Rennovia’s technology for the catalytic aerobic oxidation of … Continue reading »

BioAmber completes yeast-based succinic acid milestone with Cargill

BioAmber made its final payment to Cargill for achieving the final milestone in their development agreement, under which BioAmber has exclusively licensed the Cargill yeast technology for succinic acid production. Completion of this milestone signals that the succinic acid producing yeast has met performance expectations. BioAmber began work in August 2013 on a 30,000 tonne/year … Continue reading »

Rennovia produces 100% bio-based nylon

The quest to produce a 100% bio-based nylon 6,6 polymer has now come to fruition as Rennovia announced that it has produced and shipped samples of their RENNLON™100% bio-based nylon 6,6 polymer, believed to be the first produced worldwide. The bio-based nylon was made from the combination of Rennovia’s RENNLON™ adipic acid and RENNLON™ hexamethylenediamine … Continue reading »

Verdezyne gets Malaysia’s BioNexus status

Verdezyne has been awarded “BioNexus” status by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp), an agency under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). As part of its collaboration with BiotechCorp, Verdezyne expects to open a bio-based chemical production facility in Malaysia, in which Verdezyne will make a significant investment. BioNexus status is … Continue reading »

BioAmber phases out E.coli use

The blog is just catching up with some of the earnings conference calls from last week. Here are some highlighted information from BioAmber. I am also checking out Codexis, Cereplast and Syntroleum if they have any interesting updates for the quarter. An interesting information from BioAmber’s recent earnings call is the phasing out its use of E.coli … Continue reading »

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