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OPINION: The Pros and Cons of Green Alternatives in Chemical Manufacturing

Guest Post from Boropharm, Inc. The chemical manufacturing industry touches every aspect of modern life. From apples to Zoloft, there is virtually nothing that doesn’t require chemicals to produce. In the 1990s, amidst growing awareness of the hazardous impacts of the chemical industry, the green chemistry revolution was launched by American chemists Paul T. Anastas … Continue reading »

What Renewable Chemistry Can Learn from the Karate Kid

What Renewable Chemistry Can Learn From the Karate Kid By Mike Knauf, CEO, Rivertop Renewables The era of renewable chemistry is here: consumers have demanded it, manufacturers have embraced it and Congress is updating regulations to reflect the influx of new chemicals. That said, bio-based chemical companies still must deliver products that compete on price … Continue reading »

Sustainable practices – a progression and the new ways in which industries can be kinder to the environment

Scientists are increasingly finding new ways to approach certain practices that will be kinder to the environment. With the manufacturing, chemical and science industries coming under intense scrutiny, and receiving negative press, cautiousness abounds when it comes to certain materials and processes damaging the planet. However, innovative practices are becoming increasingly common and advancements are … Continue reading »

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