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REPORT: European Commission Bio-based products recommended policies

Hello blog readers. Unfortunately, I am still unable to blog as much this month as I am currently enjoying my first long vacation this year in Aruba (after all the health issues, I think I do deserve this one). I just want to wish everybody happy holidays and if I don’t post again this year, have a great New Year celebration as well!

Please check out Aruba! It’s about time we explore biotechnology, renewable energy, fuel, chemicals, and bio-products in the Caribbean especially as it is so near in South America! I’m getting to know people who have direct access to government officials and investors here :).

In the meantime, in Europe…

The European Commission’s Expert Group for Bio-based Products released its final report recommending nine guiding principles and eight policies as foundations for jobs and growth through bio-based products.

According to the report, the bioeconomy in Europe is already worth over €2.2 trillion while providing over 18 million jobs. The Commission’s expert group presented the outcomes of its 4 years mandate at the Bioeconomy policy day in Brussels held last month. The Expert Group for Bio-based Products was set up in mid-2013. The Group has 34 appointed members representing EU countries and state agencies, public procurers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academia, and businesses. 7 observers also follow the Group’s work.

According to its Terms of Reference (39 KB), the Expert Group’s objective is to advise the Commission on the development of the bio-based products sector by:

  • Monitoring and supporting the development of the policy framework, and the implementation of the priority recommendations proposed by the Lead Market Initiative Ad-hoc Advisory Group for Bio-based Products.
  • Proposing demand-side industrial policy actions conducive to the market uptake of bio-based products and processes (standardisation, public procurement, awareness raising, labelling, etc.).
  • Mapping of bio-based products and relevant bioeconomy related activities and exchanging of good practices at regional, national, international, and EU-level aimed at increasing the competitiveness of European industry.

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