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European biocomposites reached 410 kt in 2017

Here’s a press release from Nova Institute on European Biocomposites.

The biocomposite production in Europe is estimated by nova experts to amount to 410,000 tonnes in 2017. Over 30 compound companies produce and trade 80,000 tonnes of granulate with wood and natural fibres in Europe. In addition to the common petrochemical plastics PE, PP, TPE and PVC, biopolymers such as Bio-PE, PLA, PBS, PBAT or PHA are utilized. Depending on the target application, wood flour, wood fibres, cellulose fibres, bast fibres such as hemp, flax, jute or kenaf, but also bamboo, cork or the fibres of the sunflower seed shells are used.

The overall annual growth rate of the European biocomposite production is about 3% which is roughly in line with the average growth of the plastics market. But much higher growth rates of up to 30% have been identified in various innovative application fields of biocomposites. These application fields range from technical applications over furniture to consumer goods that are produced mainly with injection moulding, 3D and other production methods like rotomoulding. Furthermore, in the area of traded granulates the overall growth rate has also been substantially higher as the average (15%).

17-11-16 PR Table

The full market report will be first presented at the industry’s biggest global meeting place for biocomposites: The “Biocomposites Conference Cologne (BCC)” ( in Cologne (Germany), 6 and 7 December.

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