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17 Reasons to Attend #BIOWC17

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of a seminal EPA study, Bioengineering for Pollution Prevention, which examined industrial biotechnology’s potential for sustainable production of biofuels, renewable chemicals and materials.

BIO’s new analysis on a white paper launched ahead of the  BIO World Congress examines the ways the biotech industry has achieved the potential over the past decade and notes progress in addressing challenges identified a decade ago. In the white paper, BIO calls for a new roadmap to guide the next decade of research and development.

This paper and more are going to be discussed at the incoming BIO World Congress next week in Montreal, Canada. According to BIO, here are 17 more reasons to attend. Tecnon OrbiChem is also going to be there discussing commercialisation updates on several bio-based chemicals and materials. We hope to see you there!

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Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1975. We are now one of the world's foremost marketing consultancies to the bulk chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics industries. We specialise in Chemical Intermediates, Synthetic Fibres and Resins. Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, expert assistance on projects and strategic issues. We offer a unique combination of up-to-date market information and in-depth analysis through monthly business reports and proprietary databases.


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