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Spreading BIO news at APIC 2017

Hello from Sapporo, Japan, as I cover and gave a presentation (along with my Tecnon OrbiChem colleagues) at the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) being held this week. Covering bio-related matters for most of my career, I am still navigating the petrochemical industry and most of the time, it is difficult to get meetings and talk about bio in this type of conferences.

I found here in Japan, the interests and curiosity in biotechnology and plant-based related chemicals and products is definitely higher. The theme of this year’s APIC conference, “The Promise of Carbon Chemistry; Pathway to a Sustainable Future”, is placing bio as one of the potential tools in resolving social issues and environmental issues. As a journalist, a blogger and a consultant, I believe that I, along with my colleagues at Tecnon OrbiChem, can contribute in spreading awareness but still give the cold hard facts and figures and realities, of the benefits and challenges in using biotechnology and plant/waste-based chemicals and products.

You can download our presentations (see summary below) on this LINK. I hope we were able to give the petrochemicals community here in Asia a broader perspective and a new insight on bio-related markets and technologies.

Chemical Marketing Seminar – Tecnon OrbiChem
”The Chemical Industry’s Contribution to the Low Carbon Economy”

1. Bio-economy concept and its role in the chemical supply chain
Doris de Guzman, Senior Consultant, Bio-Materials
2. CO2 as a chemical feedstock
Roger Lee, Managing Director
3. Replacing existing petro-chemicals with bio-based alternatives
Dr Charles Fryer, Chairman
4. New bio-routes for the production of Monoethylene Glycol
Gillian Tweddle, Business Manager, Individual Project Studies

This also reminded me of the incoming BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, in Montreal, Canada, where I will be part of the panel “Effectively Communicating the Benefits of Industrial Biotechnology”. This session will discuss how to meaningfully communicate about the biobased economy. Topics will include current industry messaging, how the political climate influences how people view innovation, and the perception around the use of industrial biotechnology.

Effectively Communicating the Benefits of Industrial Biotechnology
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
11:45 AM – 1:30 PM ET

Moderator: Rebecca Coons, Senior Editor, Chemical Week, IHS Chemical

Herman Betten, Global Head of Public Relations, DSM
Melody Bomgartner, Senior Business Editor, Chemical & Engineering News
Doris de Guzman, Senior Consultant – Bio-Materials, Tecnon OrbiChem USA
Stephan Herrera, Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs, Evolva
Sylvie Latieule, Director, Info Chimie Magazine

I will also give a presentation on an overview and update of the current market situation for several bio-based building blocks at BIO World Congress on July 24.

Renewable Chemicals: Scale-up and Market Opportunities
Monday, July 24, 2017
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM ET

Cesar Granda – Chief Technology Officer, Earth Energy Renewables
Doris De Guzman – Senior Consultant, Bio-Materials & Intermediates, Tecnon OrbiChem
Thomas Beardslee – Vice President, Research & Development, Verdezyne, Inc.
Jeff Passmore – President, Passmore Group Inc.

CLICK HERE for more information on BIO World Congress.

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