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ADM enters glucaric acid production

Johnson Matthey and Rennovia announced today that they have signed a license
agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) to provide catalyst and process
technology for catalytic production of bio-based glucaric acid. The licensed process, jointly developed between Johnson Matthey and Rennovia, combines the efficiency and selectivity of heterogeneous catalytic process technology with the use of renewable feedstocks to produce bio-based glucaric acid.

Glucaric acid is an emerging platform chemical which has a wide range of applications in detergents and cleaners, concrete formulations, de-icing and anti-corrosion markets. And yes, for those who have been following Rennovia for years, it is also an intermediate for the production of its bio-based adipic acid.

“ADM continues to work toward commercialization of glucaric acid as a higher value product within our portfolio of bio-based performance chemicals,” said Kevin Moore, President of Renewable Chemicals for ADM.

“We see a strong synergy in leveraging Rennovia’s breakthrough catalyst technology along with the process scale-up capabilities of Johnson Matthey to shorten the time frame needed to bring this new product to market for our customers.”

More of my analysis on glucaric acid, Rennovia’s and ADM’s bio-based chemicals activities and maybe talk a bit on current situation on bio-based adipic acid developments (or lack thereof) on this month’s Tecnon OrbiChem Biomaterials newsletter.

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  1. good news, biobased chemicals have unique charm

    Posted by Johnson Hu | February 22, 2017, 9:54 am

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