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New rhamnolipid producer in town

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This is the first time I have heard of Biotensidon and I have already spoken to them about their plans for a new rhamnolipid commercial production in Germany. All information from the interview is available for subscribers of Tecnon OrbiChem’s Biomaterials newsletter. Biotensidon, a German biotech company, announced that it has developed a technology enabling a cost-effective commercial production of rhamnolipids.

An investor has reportedly injected a double-digit million Euros in the company, and Biotensidon plans to use the capital influx to build a facility in Germany with an annual output of 5 ktpa producing a new rhamnolipid supra molecular complex under the trade name Raphynal. Initial applications include animal feed, fertilizers, detergents, degreasing products and fire-extinguishing foams as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Biotensidon’s current rhamnolipid yield is said to be at above 30 g/liter. Production is expected to start this year with initial capacity of 200 tons. expanding to 2,000 tons by 2018, and plans to reach 5,000 tons by 2019.

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