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Tecnon OrbiChem coverage of Bioplastics/SusPolyUrethane conferences

Tecnon OrbiChem experts have attended the two recent biopolymers conferences last month, SusPolyUrethane and the Bioplastics Business Breakfast at K2016. Below are summary of their coverage, which you can find full access at


Photo Credit: Crain Communications

Greener polyurethanes – what’s next?

The growing interest in sustainable raw materials and recyclables was evident amongst the attendees of the recent SusPolyurethane Conference organised by Crain Communications in Amsterdam.

Biobased/sustainable polyols from a variety of different routes were the focal point of the two-day conference. Whilst there was a clear interest in developments in sectors such as bio-based polyols and biosuccinic acid, there remained a certain element of skepticism amongst the audience as to how far some of the innovations would be taken up by the polyurethane industry in view of the costs involved.  Some delegates noted that demand for renewables and recycling of PU Foam from mattresses, etc. would be driven principally by governmental and industry wide regulations, which put an emphasis on the concept of the circular economy.  However, some processes were claimed by producers to be competitive against conventionally produced raw materials, and some even boasted additional properties.  Continue reading


Duesseldorf, DEU. 18.10.2013. Bioplastics Business Breakfast CCD Ost. Ueber 3.200 Aussteller aus 59 Laendern praesentieren auf der K 2013 vom 16. bis 23. Oktober ihre Produkte und Loesungen aus den Bereichen Maschinen und Ausruestung, Rohstoffe und Hilfsstoffe sowie Halbzeuge, technische Teile und verstaerkte Kunststoff-Erzeugnisse. Rund 200.000 Fachleute aus aller Welt werden erwartet. | At K 2013 from 16 to 23 October, more than 3,200 companies from 59 countries will be showing their products and processes in the categories of machinery & equipment, raw materials & auxiliaries, and semi-finished products, technical parts & reinforced plastics. Some 200,000 trade visitors from all over the world are expected. Foto: Constanze Tillmann, Exploitation right Messe Duesseldorf, M e s s e p l a t z, D-40474 D u e s s e l d o r f,; eine h o n o r a r f r e i e Nutzung des Bildes ist nur fuer journalistische Berichterstattung, bei vollstaendiger Namensnennung des Urhebers gem. Par. 13 UrhG (Foto: Messe Duesseldorf / ctillmann) und Beleg moeglich; Verwendung ausserhalb journalistischer Zwecke nur nach schriftlicher Vereinbarung mit dem Urheber; soweit nicht ausdruecklich vermerkt werden keine Persoenlichkeits-, Eigentums-, Kunst- oder Markenrechte eingeraeumt. Die Einholung dieser Rechte obliegt dem Nutzer; Jede Weitergabe des Bildes an Dritte ohne Genehmigung ist untersagt | Any usage and publication only for editorial use, commercial use and advertising only after agreement; unless otherwise stated: no Model release, property release or other third party rights available; royalty free only with mandatory credit: photo by Messe Duesseldorf]

Bioplastics Business Breakfast Credit: photo by Messe Duesseldorf

Coverage of K2016 Bioplastics Business Breakfast

Bio-based packaging companies push focus on green deficit, aiming to overshadow cost and price issues.

Organised by Bioplastics Magazine, Tecnon OrbiChem attended the first of three half-day   of Bioplastics Business Breakfast sessions at K2016, where 10-12 presenters from producing companies, research and academic institutions gave papers on issues concerning the market for ‘Bioplastics in Packaging’.

Sessions for the following days were:
• PLA, an Innovative Bioplastic, and
• Bioplastics in Durable Applications

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