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JetBlue to use renewable jet fuel

JetBlue recently announced a ten-year purchase agreement with bioenergy company, SG Preston, for the purchase of renewable jet fuel produced from hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids (HEFA). For those who are unfamiliar with this type of fuel, it is mostly based on hydrotreated fats and oils comparable to Neste’s renewable fuel product.

According to the press release, this purchase agreement marks one of the largest renewable jet fuel purchase deal in aviation history, and the largest, long-term binding commitment by any airline globally for HEFA-based jet fuel. The biofuel is said to be chemically equivalent to conventional jet-A-fuel, with no discernable difference in performance or safety.

JetBlue plans to purchase more than 33 million gallons/year of blended jet fuel for at least 10 years. The fuel will consist of 30% renewable jet fuel blended with 70% traditional Jet-A-fuel. JetBlue is working through the process with the intent of supplying New York-metropolitan area airports with renewable jet fuel. In its blended form, the total amount of renewable jet fuel Jet Blue will purchase equals to around 20% of its annual fuel consumption at Ny JFK. Given that I live in NYC, I am actually eager to hear when JetBlue will start using this biofuel.

According to JetBlue, more than 2,200 commercial revenue flights by 22 airlines have already flown on different types of renewable jet fuel to date, many of those flown with the HEFA-SPK type fuel to be produced by SG Preston.

More on my analysis of SG Preston and the renewable diesel industry on Tecnon OrbiChem’s Biomaterials newsletter.

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