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Unilever buys Seventh Generation

The blog remembered reporting the acquisition of Toms Of Maine by Colgate-Palmolive back in 2006. I am guessing that the appeal for big consumer products companies of expanding into natural-based consumer products is back again as Unilever announced yesterday its acquisition of Seventh Generation, a well-known promoter of plant-based ingredients and packaging for its use on household cleaning and personal care products. Seventh Generation’s turnover reportedly exceeded $200 million in 2015 and has seen double digit compounded annual growth over the last 10 years.

I will do a more comprehensive report on some of Seventh Generation’s activities in the bio-based chemicals and materials sectors on Tecnon OrbiChem’s September Biomaterials issue.

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, the deal will give Unilever a foothold in the US market for diapers and tampons in addition to detergents and hand soap, traditionally strongholds of rival Procter & Gamble.  It was reported that Unilever is planning to buy Seventh Generation for $700 million.

It was thought that Unilever is also mulling on the acquisition of The Honest Company owned by Jessica Alba, also a consumer goods company focusing on natural, sustainable and non-toxic ingredients for household and personal care products. Some analysts say this deal might now have fallen through with the Seventh Generation acquisition, although Honest Company is more focused on baby care and personal care hygiene products unlike Seventh Generation who is more well-known for its detergent and cleaning products.

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