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Rivertop’s glucarates on Safer Ingredients List

EPA Safer ChoiceI am almost done with the Biomaterials newsletter for the month but let me post this short update from Rivertop Renewables on its glucaric acid-based products. The Montana-based novel chemicals company announced that its sodium glucarate produced by the company’s breakthrough oxidation technology has been listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Chemicals Ingredients List (SCIL). Chemicals on the SCIL have been certified by the EPA as safer than traditional chemical ingredients, helping formulators secure the Safer Choice label for end products sold to industry and consumers. Rivertop’s product is the first chemical with corrosion inhibiting properties to secure full approval for the SCIL.

Sodium glucarate usage in Rivertop’s products include its Waterline™ CI designed to be a high-performing alternative to phosphorous-based corrosion inhibitors in the water treatment industry, and its Headwaters® corrosion inhibitor for salt brine used to de-ice winter roads while protecting vehicles and highway infrastructure from corrosion.

To qualify for EPA’s SCIL, a product or chemical ingredient must meet EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, which is based on stringent human and environmental health criteria. Currently, the Safer Choice Program has nearly 500 formulator-manufacturer partners who make more than 2,000 products for retail and institutional customers.

I might post a short overview soon on the market for glucaric acid under the Tecnon OrbiChem subscriber Area.

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