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Toyota Tsusho expands bio-PET investments

Recent visit to T-Cat8 unit in Silsbee, TX by Toyota Tsusho & Anellotech (Photo: Business Wire)

Recent visit to T-Cat8 unit in Silsbee, TX by Toyota Tsusho & Anellotech (Photo: Business Wire)

I am back from a brief mini-vacation and my apologies for those who left emails and messages that I have not yet responded to. I am now working on Tecnon OrbiChem’s Biomaterials newsletter and will probably be able to respond to those by first week of August.

Here is one story that I will include in the newsletter. Anellotech recently announced that Toyota Tsusho has invested in Anellotech’s bio-BTX production technology especially in the funding of Anellotech’s Bio-TCat currently being installed and soon to be commissioned at a fully-integrated development and testing facility in Silsbee, Texas, owned and operated by South Hampton Resources (SHR). The TCat-8 unit is scheduled to start later this year.

Aside from the possibility of producing bio-based paraxylene (which is an essential component in the manufacture of PET), bio-BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene) can also be used in the manufacture of polyurethanes, polycarbonate, polystyrene and nylon.

The Toyota Tsusho investment is not surprising given the company’s active participation and distribution within the bio-based polyester supply chain. Toyota Tshusho also owns the JV bio-MEG producer, Greencol Taiwan, along with CFMC.

What is interesting is that Gevo also produces its isobutanol-based paraxylene in demo quantities at SHR’s Silsbee facility for Toray (and maybe other companies).

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