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S2G Biochemicals starts bio-glycols campaign

I had a very interesting interview with S2G BioChemicals‘ CEO, Mark Kirby, on their road to commercialization of not only bio-based glycols, MEG and MPG, but also an undisclosed high value specialty chemical that the company is currently collaborating with a Fortune 100 partner. I will report all of this for Tecnon OrbiChem’s Biomaterials newsletter subscribers.

In the meantime, Vancouver, British Columbia-based S2G announced last month that it has successfully initiated commercial production of bio-based MPG using glycerine at the Memphis, Tennessee site of S2G’s operating partner, Pennakem LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minafin Group.  The company started production of industrial-grade MPG in early April for a five-week, scale-up campaign. S2G said its products are being evaluated by multiple industrial customers such as to an industrial resin plant, and for select glycol customers looking to source USP grade bio-MPG as an alternative to petro-derived MPG.

The company does not use fermentation process to produce the glycols, and its technology is actually looking to use C5 sugars down the road. More about the company, its technology, and milestone plans at Tecnon OrbiChem Biomaterials newsletter.  S2G has a pilot plant at its site which is said to be capable of producing more than 50 tpa of polyols.

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