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Green Biologics in distributor partnerships

Still in my catching-up mode, this time with bio-based n-butanol developer, Green Biologics, which we have the pleasure of speaking with at BIO World Congress. The company recently announced partnerships with chemical distributors, Nexeo and Acme Hardesty for its bio-butanol and bio-acetone, which will soon be produced at its first commercial production facility in Little Falls, Minnesota. The facility aims to start up in late 2016 with shipments to customers by Q4.

Green Biologics

Acme Hardesty claims itself as a leading US supplier of bio-based chemicals, and I actually have known the company throughout my entire 16-year career especially when I used to pester them about market information for castor-based chemicals. Acme Hardesty will focus their efforts on marketing Green Biologics’ products for high value applications in food ingredients, cleaning products and bio-lubricants.

Nexeo Solutions, a Texas-based global distribution company, will become Green Biologics’ national distributor of renewable n-butanol and acetone to U.S. customers in a number of key markets including CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers), HI&I (household, industrial & institutional cleaners), PCI (personal care intermediates) and energy chemicals.

We have been comprehensively reporting the markets for both n-butanol and isobutanol (both petro- and bio-based) at Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials newsletter since 2013.

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