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Reverdia’s bio-succinic acid in action

I am so glad April was over as it was exhausting although very productive. After attending/presenting/moderating at Nova Institut/BIO World Congress, I am still trying to catch up to last month’s news for the blog and here is one, which was announced during BIO World Congress.

According to Reverdia, its Biossuccinium succinic acid as well as Roquette’s POLYSORB isosorbide is now being used in paints and coatings by well-known European producer Mader. By the way, for those who forgot, Roquette along with DSM are parent companies of Reverdia.

The new CADELI paint range commercialized under the brand CAMI, reportedly has key attractive physical properties such as hardness and scratch resistance. Additional functionalities include anti-microbial interior paint and depolluting (anti-formaldehyde) interior paint, both of which are 98% bio-based and are EU-Ecolabel certified.

Biosuccinium in paints

At BIO World Congress, Reverdia also noted its collaboration with UK-based food tray producer, Sharpak, and UK retailer, Waitrose, in their development of biodegradable plastic packaging and products using PBS (polybutylene succinate).  Reverdia also noted its collaboration with Covestro on the development of thermoplatic polyurethane for use in applications such as footwear and consumer electronics.

My report on current status of bio-succinic and petro-succinic acid markets are now on the April issue of Tecnon OrbiChem’s BioMaterials newsletter.

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