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Corbion to form 2nd Gen PLA consortium

I am seeing a lot of consortiums being formed these days and I think that’s a great thing in the renewable chemicals sector.

Corbion is inviting users of PLA to join a consortium to accelerate the market introduction of PLA bioplastic resin from second generation feedstock. Second generation feedstocks are those which are not suitable for human consumption, and include plant-based materials like bagasse, corn stover, wheat straw and wood chips.

Corbion 2nd gen PLA


  • Primary goal is to connect parties throughout the value chain to promote the commercialization of PLA bioplastics made from second generation feedstocks.
  • Secondary goal is to investigate second generation feedstocks for other applications.


  • Consortium meetings will take the format of an informal meet & greet
  • To be held twice per year
  • Members can inform each other on progress, plans and ambitions in the field of 2nd generation sugars, conversions, PLA, applications, markets,
  • Provides a platform for parties to connect and develop projects under separate agreements between selected consortium members.


  • Participation is free of charge and all participants bear their own costs,
  • Your membership can be stopped at any time,
  • Our member list will be public (no sharing of confidential information required, there will be no NDA required).

Register your interest before 25th March 2016. You can also Download Form and send it to to express your interest in the Consortium.

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