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Solvay bags award for bio-ECH

The green blogger is in the middle of the Bio-Materials newsletter deadline so posting will be scarce or very brief. This one is from Solvay who won this year’s JEC Asia 2015 Innovation Award for its bio-based ECH in producing sustainable epoxy resins. JEC is the largest composites industry organization in Europe.

Both Solvay, owner of the Epicerol® technology and trademark, and Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co. Ltd. or ABT, the producer of Epicerol®, have been awarded in the Raw Materials category. Epicerol® is a 100% bio-based epichlorohydrin (ECH), a chemical intermediate mainly used in the production of epoxy resins, a key material for a wide range of industries namely composites, coatings and electronics. A recent partnership with customers saw Epicerol®-based epoxy resins being used in the composite matrix of a Belgian Solar Car, The Punch One, allowing for 45% bio content in the resin.

Epicerol® has been very competitive in price compared to petro-based ECH in Asia as well as compared to other glycerol-based ECH produced in China. ABT has been operating its facility in Thailand since February 2012. Tecnon OrbiChem has been reporting the bio-ECH market since September 2012. Unfortunately, the Chinese chemical market in general is not doing well and this has affected a lot of chemical producers both bio- and petrochemical-based materials.

Several glycerol-based ECH producers in China have been operating at around 50% or less capacity this year although ABT said it’s facility in Thailand has the competitive advantage of being more energy efficient and closer to cheaper feedstock and energy sources.

Solvay Receives JEC Award


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