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Oxo degradable plastics under fire in Europe

The blog has been reporting about oxo biodegradable plastics for years, and according to this recent press release from the European Bioplastics (EUBP) organization, it is noticing an increasing malpractice by producers for the use of EN 13432, a European standard for industrial composting, when marketing their products.

According to EUBP, such products do not fulfill the requirements of the EU norm for industrial composting of plastic products, and considers the use of this standard as a severe case of greenwashing. EN13432 requires the material to fully biodegrade in less than 12 weeks and sets clear requirements for the surroundings in which this process takes place (e.g. industrial composting plant).  Corresponding labels such as the Seedling, prove that the material is truly biodegradable/compostable and certified according to the standard EN13432. Simple fragmentation is not acceptable in the context of EN13432.

EUBP published a report below on the difference between naturally-occurring biodegradation and the fragmentation process promoted by additives.

The European Commission is currently undertaking an assessment on the impact of oxo-degradable plastics on the environment.  According to a recent amendment of the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste, the results shall be presented by 2017, at the latest.


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