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Biomass? There’s an App for that

Genera Biomass appI am going to be very busy this week with my Bio-materials newsletter deadline but I can’t resist posting this news from Genera Energy (a bioenergy supply chain management company) about its launch of a mobile agriculture app, “Biomass”.

The app was developed to serve as a practical, easy-to-use mobile crop planning and learning tool for biomass farmers and landowners. It reportedly offers features such as a biomass crop library complete with detailed information, photos and range maps for the most utilized biomass crops in the US, along with the ability to overlap crop ranges in a live, interactive map functions.

It also has a multi-function biomass calculator that helps user determine how much biomass they’ll need for their specific situation, including conversion technology, conversion rate and location. For those wishing to convert biomass to biofuels, biochemicals, bioproducts or biopower, this app will provide realistic projections and crop suggestions based on actual, in-the-field studies and crop outcomes.

The free version of the app is now available for both Apple- and Android-based devices. I am definitely downloading this!

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