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Bio-succinic acid and PDO in polyols

Before I forget this news that came in last month (all the news and information I get, I write it up on Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-materials newsletter first), the bio-based polyurethane sector is certainly getting a lot of buzz and developments especially with the use of bio-monomers such as succinic acid, bio-1,3 PDO, bio-BDO, etc.).

I am still trying to comprehend as much as I can the technical aspects of producing polyurethanes since there are so many components involved (polyols, isocyanates, cross-linkers…). In this news, BioAmber and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products announced that the Flokser Group has developed an artificial leather fabric under its Sertex brand using bio-succinic acid and bio-based 1,3 propanediol.

The fabric has 70% renewable content and reportedly delivers improved performance such as better scratch resistance and softer touch compared to current petro-based synthetic leather fabrics. The global addressable market opportunity for these bio-based polyester polyols in artifical leather is estimated at 330 million pounds/year (150,000 tons); a 165 million pound market for bio-succinic acid and a 165 million pound market for bio-PDO.

Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials newsletter covers both bio-based and petro-based markets for succinic acid, polyols/polyurethanes, and glycols. My colleague and I will be attending the BIO World Congress next week in Montreal and will be happy to talk about the newsletter in details!

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