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Sustainable plastics in designer brands

Yes, I admit I’m a die-hard fan of designer brands (I blame my sisters for this) and I am always on the look-out for designer brands that at least use sustainable materials. Here are recent ones that I spotted:

Source: Gucci

Source: Gucci

Gucci Bio-plastic Iphone 5 Case (also in grey). Made in Italy. Now on sale for $59! (original $120). Gucci has been in the forefront of using bio-based materials. The blog reported several Gucci products in 2012. The blog also featured Stella McCartney brand (known for its veggie-based leather bags) and PUMA shoes.



The Coca-Cola Company and American rapper and founder of The Black Eyed Peas, have joined forces and formed EKOCYLE, a brand that features designer products made in part from recycled materials. Among other brands, EKOCYCLE has teamed up with Germany-based luxury leather goods company, MCM, and has launched several products partially made from recycled PET bottles (such as the bags pictured above). These are now available at Harrods in London.

Unfortunately, there are still not many designer houses that widely promote the use of sustainable materials (recycled, bio-based, biodegradable/compostable, has lower carbon footprint, etc). Hopefully, this will change soon. The recent NPE Plastics trade show in Orlando opened its first day with its “Zero Waste Fashion Show” that showcased the use of recycled plastic materials.

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