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Elevance partners with E-360 for lube customers support

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. expanded its customer support and service capabilities for Elevance Aria™ WTP 40 synthetic base stock customers in the United States and Europe through a collaboration with E-360, Inc.

E-360’s presence in Europe significantly expands Elevance’s ability to respond to customer needs for its new synthetic base stock — from initial interest and inquiry, through the product qualification and sales process, to ordering and delivery of Elevance Aria™ WTP 40. It is the first time that E-360 will provide support for Elevance customers in the European market.

Elevance Aria™ WTP 40 reportedly fulfills an increasing market need by providing a high-viscosity base stock that combines the composition and properties of esters and PAO into a single, high-performance product. It improves seal compatibility, wear resistance, and cleanliness due to the superior additive solubility and lower foam across a range of temperatures when compared to traditional PAO-based formulations.

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Elevance also will be offering a field trial support program to help customers accelerate Aria™-based reformulation projects and commercialization activities. As part of the program, Elevance will collaborate with qualified customers to help support field trial efforts.

Elevance Aria™ WTP 40’s high-viscosity index of 165 demonstrates its wide temperature performance while its balanced aniline point of 99 is an improvement over both Group IV and Group V synthetic base stocks. This enables formulation flexibility as compatibilizers are no longer required to solubilize additives into the base stock. Elevance reported data for the product demonstrates lower coefficient of friction and reduced wear in pure base stocks and formulated versus PAO and PAO-ester blends. The company also provided information on the product’s improved deposit control and cleanliness as well as excellent shear stability, all of which will help to extend equipment life.

Last month, Elevance also partnered with E-360, Inc. to offer expanded customer support and service capabilities for Elevance Clean™ 1200. Elevance also chose Equilex Chemicals BV as a European distributor for the ingredient.

Elevance Clean™ 1200’s current applications have been expanded to include industrial and institutional laundry, food processing and food service, and oil and gas.

  • Industrial and Institutional Laundry – Provides superior stain removal and detergent boosting across a range of greases on both cotton and polyester blends, including animal fat and engine oil in textile and laundry applications;
  • Food Processing and Food Service – Eliminates tough-to-clean fats and greases at neutral pH and lower temperatures versus caustic alternatives, enabling safer and more efficient cleaning operations in industrial and institutional food processing;
  • Oil and Gas: Enhances typical polymers in paraffin control in oil field applications and removes asphaltenes and crude oil at high efficacy compared to standard cleaners from oil production and refinery equipment.

Elevance Clean™ 1200 is produced from large, local commodity crop sources with proven price stability compared to key alternatives like d-limonene, and is available through Elevance’s world-scale biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia, a 180,000 MT joint venture with Wilmar International Limited.

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