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Attending this year’s ACI Meeting

Let’s talk about oleochemicals and biobased surfactants, industries that I have been covering for more than 14 years (and still trying to learn about it). If you want to know the global who’s who in these industries, there is no better conference in the US to attend than the annual American Cleaning Institute’s Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida, which will be held on January 26-31. Well, you could also attend Neil Burns’ ICIS Global Surfactants conference in New Jersey in May but then you won’t be able to meet Mickey Mouse.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend several ACI meetings the past few years due to tight budget but I was able to finagle this in my budget this year, and I am eager to re-connect and hopefully see more from the renewable chemicals industry in this field – Elevance, Solazyme, Amyris, Kiverdi, Corbion, Roquette…to name a few.

I will be live tweeting during the event (#ACI2015) and maybe a bit of live blogging as well. Who knows, I might even get a selfie with this year’s featured speaker, Mitt Romney. If you are attending this event, feel free to send me a message at if you want to meet and feel like chatting about oleochemicals and bio-based surfactants.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

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Doris de Guzman examines alternative processing, new technology, R&D and other sustainability initiatives aimed at preventing pollution; replacing ingredients; and using renewable feedstocks in Green Chemistry.

She has been covering the oleochemicals market for 15 years and spread her beat to inorganics, biofuels and green chemistry.


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