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India consumers bet on biobased products

A recent study from the DuPont Green Living Survey: India, conducted by TNS Global, found that majority of Indian consumers are familiar with green products, have confidence that green products are better for the environment, and feel that bio-based ingredients enhance the desirability of a product.  The survey was the third such study by DuPont following North America and China.  The research took place in 12 major Indian cities with 1,270 respondents giving face-to-face interviews.

In the survey, more than 63% of consumers are said to be familiar with green products and of those, 85% have confidence that they are better for the environment.  These consumers believe bio-based ingredients not only make a product green, but also provide better performance, critical to long-term adoption.

India’s confidence  in green products, at 85% ,is higher than other countries surveyed by DuPont.  Previous studies showed China with 70% confidence, Canada with 65% and the US with 60%.  However, Canada and the US lead in overall familiarity with green products over India and China.

Regionally, familiarity of green products was found to be highest in South and East. South India are also most confident that green products are better for the environment.  Younger consumers below age 30 show the highest level of familiarity.  Since nearly 50% of India’s current population is below the age of 25, there is strong potential for green product adoption and demand growth.  Currently, more than two-thirds of consumers are likely to purchase apparel, personal care, hygiene and household products made from bio-based ingredients that offer environmental benefits.

Across the market, roughly half of consumers recognize the term bio-based in conjunction with green products and say that bio-based ingredients enhance the desirability of a product, enough so that they would consider paying a premium price for these products.

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