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P2 Science, Bedoukian Research in collaboration

Regulation pushes fragrance vs flavoursP2 Science, Inc., a renewable chemical company, and Bedoukian Research, Inc., a flavor and fragrance (F&F) ingredient company have entered into an agreement for the development, manufacturing and marketing of F&F ingredients.

The companies are currently working on products with an existing market demand and innovative new molecules, which are expected to be scaled up to production for commercial supply within a 12 month timeframe. Brand new molecules will be assessed for toxicology, performance and economics. Selected products will be moved through the  commercialization process and marketed through the joint activities of both companies.

As part of the agreement the companies will evaluate the potential for a joint manufacturing installation to serve the F&F market. This industry is reportedly challenged by both regulatory pressures and consumer demands for more transparency and greater product sustainability.

The agreement between Bedoukian and P2 is aimed at commercializing a range of renewable F&F ingredients that are made via unique processing technology; thus enabling formulators to build improved and more cost effective products for the consumer market.

P2 Science is a venture backed company, using patent pending ozonolysis technology to convert biomass into specialty chemicals. Bedoukian is a leading manufacturer and marketer of F&F Ingredients and Pheromones. As part of the company’s growth strategy, Bedoukian seeks out new technologies to enable it to continue bringing to market high quality, innovative ingredients to help differentiate its customer’s formulations.

P2 Science has also recently partnered with Symrise on the development and commercialization of F&F ingredients.

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