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Soy-based materials continue to expand

There are several presentations about the industrial use of soybeans at this week’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference in Bethesda, Maryland, hosted by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Initiative (ACSGCI), that I might as well dig these articles that have been fermenting in my draft box for quite a while now.

Yesterday, Linda Kim-Habermehl of Omni Tech International noted in her presentation the company’s partnership with the United Soybean Board (USB) and cited several examples of already-commercialized soy-based products in the market developed through the USB Checkoff program. The soybean checkoff helps facilitate market growth and creation by funding and directing marketing, research and commercialization programs.

In construction applications, products that already contains soybean-based materials include wood composites, particle board, flooring and plywood, biocomposites, flooring and roofing adhesives and flooring. Aside from soy protein, other natural feedstock that are being used as additives in construction materials include walnut shell flour, pecan shell flour, wheat gluten, cellulose derivatives, starch ethers and gums. In adhesives, soy protein and soy oil are also being used as well as linseed oil, tall oil fatty acids and castor oil.

Habermehl cited DuPont, Applied Protein Systems, and Omnova Solutions as some of the companies currently marketing paper products containing soy. By the way, EcoSynthetix is currently working on soy-based binders for paperboard applications, which is funded by USB.

I have actually cited some of Omni Tech’s past market studies on soy-based industrial applications and these are great references. I am hoping they can come up with recent market statistics for me to use. In the meantime, you can access some of their publications on this site.

USB said it was able to help commercialize 38 new soy-based products last year that includes new additions to some popular soy-based product categories, such as coatings, adhesives and plastics.

Here is a list of these new products: You can also check out USB’s Soy Products Guide


  • MASEO (Maleinated Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil) –A soybean-oil-based resin used to make plastic. It is made by Dixie Chemical Company, Inc. Check out some of my tweets yesterday about Dixie Chemical’s presentation.
  • Innergy™ Rigid Thermal Reinforcements – A fiberglass and soy-based urethane insert that slides into window frames for greater support and insulation. It is marketed by Deceuninck North America.
  • INFIGREEN® Recycled Polyols – Produced by Emery Oleochemicals, and are used in foam seats of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango.


  • SoBind™ Balance – By DuPont™ is used in coatings and adhesives..
  • Varathane Diamond Floor –A wood-floor coating containing soy flour. It is made by Rust-Oleum®..
  • G.E.T. Biobased Safety Yellow – A zero-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) coating that contains soybean oil, biodiesel glycerin and soy methyl ester. It is made by Niemann & Associates.
  • ProClassic® –A multipurpose water-based soy acrylic alkyd primer, satin deck and siding product line made by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Pro-Park® – A soy- based parking-lot paint by Sherwin-Williams.


  • Meta-Tec® Products –Soy-based adhesive products for floor-covering installations, including carpet, resilient flooring and wood adhesives. They are made by W.F. Taylor Company.
  • PSA64MA –A soy-based material by Applied Protein Systems that is used in adhesives on paper cones where yarn and thread are wound.
  • Millenium One Step™ Green Insulation Adhesive –A soy-based, all-weather adhesive by ADCO used to install flooring.
  • Elemental –A soy-based wood-composite adhesive that is formaldehyde-free. It is available from States Industries.


  • PSA35MA –A soy-based material used to coat paperboard. It is made by Applied Protein Systems.
  • SUNKOTE® AU 4203 and 4240 –Soy-based products that are used as lubricants for paper and paperboard coatings. They are made by Omnova Solutions.


  • Armeen® S –A corrosion inhibitor for oilfields that is made by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.
  • Ethomeen® S/12 –A cleansing surfactant for oilfields and dry cleaning that is made by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, LLC.
  • Arquad® SV 60 PG –A foaming, antistatic, emulsifier, wetting agent used in laundry products from Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry.
  • Larostat® 264A –An antistatic material that holds textile products together. It is made by BASF Corp.
  • Agnique® SBO 10 –A soybean oil used in agricultural products, manufactured by BASF Corp.
  • Comperlan® VOD – A thickener for personal-care products from BASF Corp.
  • Prifac™ 8953 – An emulsifying agent for household products. It is made by Croda, Inc.
  • HY- 3200 Emulsiyfing Soy Wax – By Dow Corning Corp, a material that allows ingredients in personal-care products to smoothly blend together.
  • SERADOX NAD 20 – By Elementis Specialties, is an antistatic material for softening and smoothly blending personal-care products.
  • LAMCHEM™ PE-130 K – Improves the taste of food products and also serves as a pressure lubricant on metals. It is made by Lambent Technologies Corp.
  • Lipovol® SOY – Adds a soft, smooth skin-feel to personal care products. It is made by Lipo Chemicals, Inc.
  • Chemonic™ SI-7Surfacant – Builds the thickness of personal-care products and stabilizes foam. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Schercomid™ SLL – Thickens personal care products. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Schercoquat™ SOAS-PG – A hair conditioner for personal care products made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Quatrex™ S Conditioning Agent – A conditioning agent for personal-care products, made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Amidex™ S Surfactant – Helps create personal-care products that foam and feel like soap. It is made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Chembetaine™ S-FA Surfactant – Adds special properties for personal-care products. It is manufactured and marketed by Lubrizol Corp.
  • Chemoxide™ SO Surfactant – Offsets hard water in household/personal-care products. It is made byLubrizol Corp.
  • Potassium Soyate – A soy soap with glycerin as a moisturizer, made by Lubrizol Corp.
  • ACCOSOFT® 750 – Used as a fabric softener for laundry products. It is made by Stepan Company.
  • PETROSTEP® Q-50S – A unique ingredient used in oilfields as a down-hole corrosion inhibitor. It is made by Stepan Company.


  • SoBind™ HARMONY, Impression and CLARITY – Soy polymers that replace harsh synthetic and animal-based ingredients in a variety of products to make the products thicker, smoother and more colorful. They are made by DuPont™.

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