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Brazilian Industrial Biotech Association (ABBI) launched

Companies that include Amyris, BASF, BioChemtex, BP, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, Dow Chemical, DSM, DuPont, GranBio, Novozymes, Raizen and Rhodia have joined forces to form the Brazilian Industrial Biotechnology Association (Associação Brasileira de Biotecnologia Industrial or ABBI) with a primary objective of fostering a dialogue within Brazilian society about the advancements of industrial biotechnology in Brazil.

ABBI is also seeking to promote a dialogue with stakeholders and policymakers to improve Brazil’s biotechnology regulations and update current legislation in light of technological advances of the past several years. The group supports additional investments in research and development, capacity and training for skilled and technical labor, and laboratory infrastructure. The trade group also aims to become a channel to share knowledge through collaboration among industry and academic institutions in Brazil and beyond.

Here is a video of the ABBI launch although it is in Portuguese. You can turn on the caption (CC) located on the bottom bar on the right side although be warned that the translation to English is not too accurate.

Here is a rough list of renewable chemical projects in Brazil using sugarcane for feedstock. These names are on top of my head now but feel free to comment on who else I forgot or if I made a boo-boo on this list.

Companies                       Product

Amyris                            Farnesene and other building blocks

BASF                               Bioplastic; sugar feedstock; partnership with Amyris on building blocks

BioChemtex                   Bio-Ethanol

BP                                   Bio-Ethanol

Braskem                         Bio-PE, bio-PP, bio-butadiene

Dow/Mitsui                   Sugar feedstock; bio-ethanol (Bio-PE postponed)

DSM                                Bio-Ethanol

DuPont                           Bio-Ethanol

Genomatica                   Bio-butadiene partnership with Braskem

GranBio                          Bio-Ethanol, bio-Butanol

JBF Industries               Bio-MEG (postponed)

Kuraray                           Bio-based liquid rubber partnership with Amyris

Lanxess                           Bio-EPDM (bio-ethylene supply from Braskem)

Novozymes                     Bio-PP, bio-ethanol

Petrobras                       Bio-Ethanol

Raizen                             Bio-Ethanol

Rhodia                            Bio-Butanol

Solazyme                        Algae oils

BNDES, the Brazilian Development Bank, who has already invested R$1.2 billion (US $540m) in biotechnology projects in Brazil, is going to talk about investment opportunities in Brazil (Track 6, Session 2) at the incoming BIO World Congress in Philadelphia.  Line up on that track also includes UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and GranBio.

By the way, me and my colleague, Philippa Davies, at Tecnon OrbiChem will also moderate two sessions at BIO World Congress. See our schedules below:

Track 6 Session 1: Development of Palm Based Biorefinery

May 13, 8:30-10am

Moderator: Doris de Guzman

Speakers: Azli Razali, Sime Darby

Razwin Sulairee Hasnan Termizi, BiotechCorp

Pathmanathan Arumugam, Malaysian Bio-Xcell

Rose Pun, POIC Sabah

Track 3 Session 2: Designing Biobased products with Enhanced Performance

May 13, 10:30-12pm

Moderator: Philippa Davies

Speakers: Nathan Kemeling, Avantium

Paul Caswell, Cathay Biotech

David Fenn, PPG Industries

Mike Schultheis, The Coca-Cola Company

Track 3 Session 4: Bringing Renewable Elastomers to Market

May 14, 2:30-4pm

Moderator: Doris de Guzman

Speakers:  Damien Perriman, Genomatica

Alexandre Elias, Braskem

Jason Voogt, Amyris

Jeff Martin, Yulex

For those who are attending, see you there!!

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