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Dyadic joins EU project OPTIBIOCAT

Biotechnology company, Dyadic International Inc. has participated in a new project, “OPTIBIOCAT Optimized esterase biocatalysts for cost-effective industrial production”, an EU-funded project aimed at developing biocatalysts for the cosmetic industry.

The biocatalysts will be based on feruloyl acid esterases (“FAE”) and glucuronyl esterases (“GE”), which are expected to be used in the production of phenolic fatty- and sugar- esters with antioxidant activity for the cosmetic industry. They will also be tested for use in the production of other potential compounds with improved biological activity and properties. FAE and GE available within the consortium, including those from Dyadic’s own proprietary enzyme library, may be improved by site-directed mutagenesis and directed evolution to further improve the desired properties.

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