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Global Bioenergies picks Linde for pilot plant

My apologies for the sparse news as I just got back from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covering its 25th Palm and Lauric Oils conference last week. I have some news about Emery Oleochemicals’ downstream activities (such as natural-based polyols, agrochemicals, lubricants, etc.) as well as interesting tidbits from the Malaysian Biotech Corporation although these news tidbits may have to wait until further notice as the organization is gearing up for some news announcements in the coming weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, I have also been working on an article about the new Farm Bill here in the USA and how it will impact renewable chemical investments in the country. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post it this week. I also need to catch up on recent earnings reports from Gevo, Amyris and Solazyme. So much to do!!

In the meantime, here’s a quick news posts from Global Bioenergies. The company says it has picked the Linde Group, a global gas and engineering company, to carry out the design of its second industrial pilot plant that will produce bio-isobutene to be located in Leuna, Germany.

Global Bioenergies said the isobutene molecule, with a multi-billion US Dollar market, is not easily accessible through the cheap C2 fraction of shale gas and natural gas. The German ministry of research committed a €5.7m grant for the pilot project.

Global Bioenergies recently strengthened its deployment in Germany by setting-up a subsidiary in Leipzig and signing a partnership on renewable gasoline with Audi.

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