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Elevance’s bio-lube basestock now available worldwide

Elevance Renewable Sciences expanded commercial availability of Elevance Aria™ WTP 40 worldwide.

The base stock’s high viscosity index of 160 is reportedly an improvement over both Group IV and Group V synthetic base stocks. Data also indicated Elevance Aria™ WTP 40 4 ball wear scars in a 75W90 GL-5 fully formulated lubricant formulation were improved more than 50% as compared to fully formulated PAO40/ester blends. 

The base stock is made from Elevance’s Inherent™ renewable building blocks. The company currently produces the renewable building blocks from its 180 ktpa joint venture biorefinery now operating in Gresik, Indonesia. It’s Inherent™ C18 Diacid, a long-chain diacid, is already commercially available as a lubricant component feedstock.

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