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VIDEO: Elevance talks about Renewicals

Our video pick of the week is this interview of Elevance’s Andy Shafer by Sustainability Consult CEO Kathryn Sheridan at the Ecochem Conference last year.

Elevance launched last year its concept of a new product category called Renewicals™, where the “renewable chemicals” industry can introduce products, building blocks, ingredients under this platform that can claim sustainability benefits or having better environmental footprint. This idea is patterned to the industry concept of nutraceuticals (combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals), where in this case, food ingredients associated with this category claim to have physiological health benefits.

According to Shafer, creating Renewicals™ is part of Elevance’s efforts to provide a better way of sharing — especially with non-technical audiences — the benefits of the industry’s efforts to move beyond petroleum to better performing, more sustainable solutions. One of the challenges of the renewable chemical industry, said Shafer, is communicating the benefits of sustainable chemistry and products to non-technical audiences.

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