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Walmart launches 100% bio-based cleaners

I have to wade through a lot of earnings reports this week so before I get caught up with my preparation for Tecnon OrbiChem’s November newsletter, and for my trip next week attending Ecochem in Switzerland, I hope to be able to post more than one article this week (keeping my fingers crossed!).

This one is an announcement by Walmart about the launch of a new line of all-natural cleaning products under the brand “Great Value Naturals” that are reportedly as effective as leading conventional cleaners. The cleaning products are made from plant-based, all natural Evolve(r) cleaning technology that are 100% chemical-free (is this possible? No such thing as chemical-free I always say…), toxin-free, biodegradable, and non-allergenic. The products’ packaging also used recyclable materials.

The Evolve is made by a company called Agaia, which was established in 2011 based in Florida. Walmart and Agaia have been collaborating on the cleaning products for 18 months. According to Agaia, the Evolve technology outperforms petro-based cleaners, detergents and degreasers in most cases without costing more than chemical cleaners. Evolve-based products are distributed in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Looking at the safety data sheet for Evolve 100% natural amphiphilic cleaner, detergent, degreaser and deodorizer ingredients, the lists include proprietary plant-based surfactants (72%), palm/soy/coconut oils (8%), glucose/dextrose (10%), natural fatty acids (4%), Gras exempt ingredients (6%).

The “Great Value Naturals” line of green cleaning products is exclusively available at Walmart’s more than 2,000 stores across the US.

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One Response to “Walmart launches 100% bio-based cleaners”

  1. I smell “greenwash” but let’s see what is in there. You’re right though. No such thing as “chemical free”

    Posted by Neil Burns | November 12, 2013, 12:15 am

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