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DSM’s bio-polyamide in VW engines

DSM and automotive component specialist KACO have developed a lightweight multi-functional crankshaft cover in EcoPaXX®, DSM’s bio-based polyamide 410, for the latest generation of diesel engines developed by the Volkswagen Group.

DSM Ecopaxx in VW engine

The EcoPaXX cover will be used on Volkswagen’s new MDB modular diesel engine platform, implemented across its Audi, Seat, Škoda and VW brands. Compared with covers made in aluminum, system costs for the EcoPaXX cover are reportedly considerably lower, thanks in part to the use of an integrated, fully automated production cell for the component at KACO. Weight has been reduced

considerably as well since the EcoPaXX grade is 45% less dense than aluminum.

DSM’s EcoPaXX polyamide 410 is 70% derived from renewable resources, and the polymer is certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate. Thermoplastic crankshaft covers are still uncommon, with polyamide 6 or 66 being the favored material.

DSM and KACO said the overall exceptional performance of EcoPaXX — very good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, in combination with excellent toughness – make it an ideal material for the required high performance under extreme use.



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