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NatureWorks expands marketing reach

NatureWorks has been very busy lately expanding its distribution networks with three announcements within the past three months.

In May, PTT Polymer Marketing (PTTPM) was appointed distributor of NatureWorks’ Ingeo™ PLA (polylactic acid) fibers and resins for Thailand and Vietnam. PTTPM will bring Ingeo to its broad base of thermoformers, film extruders and injection molders, initially focusing on the packaging and food serviceware industries.

Also that month, Cromex S.A. was named as NatureWorks’ Ingeo™ distributor in Brazil. Cromex will distribute a suite of Ingeo resins developed for the plastics markets. The company said its employees will provide technical support to converters and enable them to seamlessly transition plastics made from non renewable petroleum to Ingeo.

This month, NatureWorks has named D&L Industries’ subsidiaries, First in Colours (FIC) and D&L Polymers and Colours (DLPC), as its distribution and compounding partners, respectively, in the Philippines market. FIC will bring Ingeo™to its customer base of thermoformers, film extruders and injection molders while DLPC will perform modifications and compounding of products.

NatureWorks is expected to soon announce the location of its second PLA plant, which is expected somewhere in Southeast Asia. The company currently has a production capacity of 150 ktpy located in Blair, Nebraska, USA.

NatureWorks INGEO plant in Nebraska

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