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Sustainable Refining launches veggie Base Oils

Sustainable Refining LLC has launched its renewable bio-based line of Cutting, Hydraulic and Bar & Chain Oils for industrial and commercial use. The based oils are manufactured using a 100% vegetable oil blend refined with proprietary additives giving them the lubricity, anti-oxidation, adhesion, flash point and pour-point characteristics sufficient to compete with petroleum based products now commonly used in multiple industries across the globe.

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  1. GREEN20™ Press Release-

    Cork Industries, Inc. announces the development and introduction of GREEN20™, one of a series of responsible UV coating products of emerging sustainable green technology, where conventional petrochemical based materials are being replaced by renewable bio resourced materials. Benefits include a lower safer HMIS® 1, 1, 1, B rating, and a significantly reduced odor before, during, and after curing, reducing air quality concerns and liability, and appealing to pressroom and print end users. Competitively priced, high gloss, workhorse, GREEN20™ excels for in-line coating over heatset, UV, hybrid, and offline on primed conventional inks printed on a wide variety of substrates. It is 100% reactive, solvent-free, zero-VOC, fast curing and energy saving. Non-flammable, it is being safely shipped & stored in round, stackable, non-returnable, recyclable totes.
    Please visit our website at-

    Posted by Jim Sura Tech Director | October 18, 2013, 3:08 pm

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