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Global Biochem, ADM on catalyst collaboration

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GBT polyol production base in China

GBT polyol production base in China

Biobased glycols producer Global Bio-chem Technology (GBT) Group of Hongkong recently announced its partnership with US agribusiness firm Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) for joint development of a catalyst for improving the production of glycerin from carbohydrates.

The companies said successful result of the collaboration could bring significant cost-savings and efficiencies to the production of renewable propylene glycol and ethylene glycol which both companies currently manufacture and market.

GBT has already been producing both corn-based glycols at its 200 ktpa facility in Xinglongshan, China. ADM is producing glycerin-based propylene glycol at its 100 ktpa facility in Decatur, Illinois, USA. GBT said the development of a catalyst shall enhance the research and development focus of the GBT Group on production techniques and efficiency as well as further improve development of the ag-based chemicals business of the company.

Another biobased propylene glycols producer that the blog is aware of is Belgium-based Oleon. Bio-based monoethylene glycols producers (supplying Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle manufacture) include India Glycols and Toyota Tsusho of Taiwan.

In another GBT-ADM news, the companies have also announced a distribution agreement where ADM has been appointed exclusive distributor for a term of one year starting June 2013 of certain lysine and sweetener products manufactured by GBT. ADM will market the lysine products in Brazil and Argentina, and sweetener products to various Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand.

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