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Video: Bio-on and its PHA story

I rarely see news about Italian polyhydroxyalkanoic (PHA) producer Bio-on so this video in English subbing is a great source of information (it’s a 20+ minute video but very entertaining). The last news the blog reported about Bio-on was when its partner Italian lighting company FLOS launched last year a designer lamp made with PHA as an alternative to polycarbonate.

Bio-on’s PHA polymer under the brand Minerv-PHA is made from waste materials of sugar beet and cane production.

In March last year, Bio-on has hired Techint Engineering & Construction to collaborate on production technology licensing and construction of PHA bioplastic facilities based from Bio-on’s PHA processing technology. PHA facilities can now be built with a scale of 10,000 tons/year capacity, according to Bio-on. The collaboration deal will offer interested parties acquisition of Bio-on license and plant construction of PHA by Techint E&C.

Based on my research, Bio-on currently has its own 10,000 tons/year PHA production facility constructed by Techint in Bologna, Italy.


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