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Weekly News Roundup

The blog is having a little difficult time catching up with news these days especially if there are several events coming up soon. By the way, do you know that this week there are two free renewable chemical webinars that will be held at the same date and at the same time?

  • Lux Research: The Role of Bio-Based Materials in the Era of Shale
    • Date: February 26, 2013 11:00 am, Eastern Standard Time
  • Biobased Chemicals: Overcoming Challenges of Commercialization
    • Date: February 26, 2013 11:00 am, Eastern Standard Time

I’m still trying to decide which to attend as I only have one computer. Now if I only have two computers and be able to record both…

Here are this week’s news roundup (or I think this was supposed to be last week’s. Sorry for the delay!)

Cereplast forms algae business
US bioplastic producer Cereplast has incorporated a new wholly owned subsidiary Algaeplast, which will focus on the development and manufacture of algae-based bioplastics. The business’ ultimate goal is to bring to market new polymers made from 100% algae content. The company recently commercialized small quantities of Biopropylene 109D, a compound with 20% post-industrial algae biomatter.

Global Bioenergies gets new Synthos funding
France-based Global Bioenergies has received a new payment of EUR 1.17m as part of the partnership initiated with rubber company Synthos in 2011. The payment follows the EUR 1.5m received for the successful completion of their first phase of bio-butadiene program in December 2012. Under the partnership deal, Synthos has exclusive rights on the conversion of glucose into butadiene for rubber applications while Global Bioenergies will be entitled to receive royalty payments.

New Codexis partnerships
Codexis has entered a SMARTSOURCING partnership with Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), a contract research and manufacturing organization, that will combine the two companies’ capabilities and technologies for specific customer projects identifying and implementing new and improved manufacturing routes for selected Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). In a separate transaction, Codexis has also partnered with specialty chemical firm Strem Chemicals, for exclusive distribution rights of Codexis’ new 100mg CODEX Screening kits containing transeminase and ketoreductase enzyme platforms. The enzymes enable efficient conversion of ketones to chiral alcohols or amines.

Aduro Biopolymers bags funding
New Zealand-based Aduro Biopolymers has secured an undisclosed investment from Wallace Corporation, New Zealand’s largest service rendering business. Aduro Biopolymers is a spin-out company formed by WaikatoLink Limited, the technology transfer office of the University of Waikato. The company was formed to develop and market materials and biopolymers, and is currently developing a bioplastic from animal waste product bloodmeal.

New xylitol bioprocess partnership
US-based zuChem Inc. and India-based Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. have entered into a global partnership combining zuChem’s xylitol technology platform with Godavari’s knowledge in the production and commercialization of sweeteners and renewable sugar-derived ingredients. Under the agreement, the parties will apply zuChem’s proprietary bioprocess technology to produce a bio-sourced xylitol for use as a food ingredient.

GlyEco gets $1.7m financing
Recycled glycols manufacturer GlyEco has completed a $1.7m financing, which raised its total funding to $6.2m since March 2012. GlyEco plans to use the proceeds to accelerate growth plans including investments in initial facility upgrades and increased processing capacity as well as phase 1 implementation of its GlyEco Technology, which enables recycling of waste glycols into reusable glycols with the same level of purity as refinery grade glycols.

Z Trim’s first bio-fiber gum sales
Biotechnology firm Z Trim announced its first sales of industrial grade Bio-Fiber Gum for use in the petroleum coke industry. Bio-Fiber Gum is a soluble fiber with adhesive, binding and emulsifying properties suitable for industrial uses. Z Trim, jointly with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, filed a provisional patent for Bio-Fiber Gum in 2012.

Arizona Chemical expands in Africa
Pine chemicals producer Arizona Chemical have partnered with IMCD Group B.V. to further expand distribution partnership for Arizona’s refinery product lines to the African continent. IMCD will assume responsibility for the commercial relationship,
technical support and logistics for the customers it serves in Africa.

ADCELLPACK in cellulose packaging
ADCELLPACK, a two-year consortium project with a budget of EUR 1.4m financed by the EU government, aims to develop a thermoplastic wood fiber-based packaging material for trays used primarily in packages of sliced cheese. The new material will be designed to suit Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), a technique widely used for the preservation of fresh foods because it offers the product an increased shelf life. The consortium aims to use the developed packaging solution in several other food products packaged using MAP.

New sustainable laundry standards
Certification organization Green Seal has published two new standards to address the life cycle impacts of laundry care products: GS-48 for household laundry care products, and GS-51 for laundry products used in institutional and industrial settings. To receive certification under GS-48 or GS-51, laundry products cannot contain any components that are carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, neurotoxins/systemic toxins, endocrine disruptors, asthmagens, and respiratory and skin sensitizers. Certified products must not cause skin corrosion or eye damage.

EU launches Bioeconomy observatory
The European Commission will establish an observatory that will gather data to follow the evolution of bioeconomy markets, to map EU, national and regional bioeconomy policies, research and innovation capacities, and the scale of related public and private investments. The three year project will start in March 2013 with the aim of making the data it will collect publicly available through a dedicated web portal in 2014.

PLA market to reach $2.6bn in 2016
The global polylactic acid (PLA) market is expected to reach $2.6bn by 2016 at a compounded annual growth rate of 28% worldwide, according to a report released by Research and Markets. Asia-Pacific is forecasted to record the highest growth rate of 29.3% during 2011-2016. Europe follows Asia-Pacific with a CAGR of 28.9%. The Americas is forecasts to drive the global market with a 27.3% growth.

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