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Weekly news roundup

Sorry for this late post…I’m currently on vacation where I’m not supposed to touch a laptop. Nobody said anything about an Ipad ha!

Here are this week’s news roundup. By the way, guess where I am this week? 😉

Renmatix Opens R&D facility

US cellulosic sugar manufacturer Renmatix has opened its new research and development center in Pennsylvania, which, the company said, will accelerate its exploration of new feedstock sources, assist downstream customers in their transition to cellulosic sugars and further enhance the economics of its Plantrose process to produce the lowest cost sugar intermediates for renewable chemicals, fuel and materials.

Deinove’s bacteria for 2nd gen ethanol

Deinove researchers have isolated and optimized a strain of Deinococcus bacteria that is able to generate ethanol from wheat-based biomass. The bacteria can degrade complex biomass residues into simple sugars and convert them into ethanol all in a single process and without additives such as enzymes, yeast or antibiotics.

Malama Composites’ Biobased PU foam

Malama Composites has launched a biobased rigid polyurethane foam called “Studio Foam” made specifically for artists, sculptors and industrial design community. The company said its foam is compatible with virtually all resins, glues, coatings and laminates, and that it is dimensionally stable under high temperature moisture conditions.

New applications for DuPont Sorona

DuPont Biomaterials has expanded applications for its Sorona bio-based fibers in apparels and fabrics. Sorona can now be used in trousers and jeans, seamless apparel, swimwear, and wrinkle release jackets. Sorona is made from DuPont’s corn-based 1,3 propanediol (PDO), which the company markets under the brand Zemea and Susterra.

BioSolar develops new bio solar sheet

BioSolar has begun development of its second backsheet product EcoBacksheet for to reduce the cost of photovoltaic solar modules. BioSolar also entered a contract manufacturing agreement with Stevens Urethane to produce its first commercially-available product BioBacksheet. BioSolar is now working closely with several key solar manufacturers to integrate BioBacksheet into their solar panels.

Algae.Tec partners with Lufthansa

Algae.Tech Limited and Lufthansa have signed a collaboration for the construction of a large-scale algae to aviation biofuels production facility. Lufthansa will arrange 100% funding for the project. Algae.Tec will receive licence fees and profits from the project. Lufthansa will also commit to a long-term offtake agreement of at least 50% of the crude oil produced at an agreed price.

Lufthansa partners with Solena

Lufthansa has also signed a MOU with Solena fuels Corp. for the joint development of biomass-based jet fuel including delivery of it to Berlin Brandenburg airport. Solena is looking to build its first biofuel facility in Germany, which will sell parafinnic kerosene (Bio-SPK) produced as a drop-in, certified jet fuel. The facility will convert more than 520,000 tonnes of waste biomass into jet fuel, diesel fuel, and electricity.

Swedish airline picks Novamont

Swedish airline Malmo Aviation is using catering serving trays made by Invercote Bio which is extrusion coated with Mater-Bi, Novamont’s biodegradable and compostable bioplastic. The serving tray can be disposed of together with food scraps and sent to composting and anaerobic digestion plants, which transform wet waste into compost and biogas

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