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This has been a crazy worldwide twitter month for the blog! I hope you were able to check out the blog’s twitter coverage recap of the World Bio Markets USA in San Francisco (Day 1 and Day 2). I will post in the first week of December, the twitter coverage recap of the BCN Retreat held last week as well as the incoming Ecochem coverage that will be held next week.

Here are some of the key companies that will present and exhibit at the Ecochem conference in Basel, Switzerland. Exciting! Let me know if you want to meet! I will be moderating on Day 3, Stream 3.

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Will Green Chemistry save the world or is it hype? Doris de Guzman examines alternative processing, new technology, R&D and other sustainability initiatives aimed at preventing pollution; replacing ingredients; and using renewable feedstocks in Green Chemistry. She has been covering the oleochemicals market for 15 years and spread her beat to inorganics, biofuels and green chemistry.


3 Responses to “Ecochem conference twitter coverage”

  1. Dear Doris
    Congratulations on your hard working agenda: to chair, moderate, make presentations and continue blogging…what a score !
    …and welcome to Europe with Echochem

    I would ike to ask if you could help with this:
    we know that Roquette Freres has made a formal request to the Us authorities (FDA ?) to get approval to market their l-methionine in the Usa.
    But I am not successful in finding the documentation in relation to this request (date, content, status…).
    Could you provide me with a web link to access this ?
    Thanks a lot.

    Posted by Didier | November 11, 2013, 12:42 pm
    • Hi Didier,
      I also did not find any FDA notices on a l-methionine request at this link:

      Maybe it has not yet been processed by the FDA? Do you know when Roquette made the formal request?

      Best Regards,

      Posted by Doris de Guzman | November 14, 2013, 9:04 pm
      • Hi Doris,
        Thanks for the link.
        Roquette probably required full confidentiality from FDA, just like they’ve done with the European authority.
        We know from an interview given on april 5, 2013 to, by Mr Antoine Darbois, company secretary of Metabolic Explorer (licensor), that Roquette (licensee) has made application to the Usa authority, but he did not mention any date. Other communciations let us suppose that the application may be as old as mid-2012.

        Well, we definitely are living in the full darkness of a tunnel with such a taste for secret from Roquette.

        Incidently, I’d like to mention quite a surprise: Iowa Economic Development Authority is listed as an exhibitor in next week’s european conference “Plant Based Summit” in Paris 19-20 november.

        here is the link, hopfully it’s all in english 😉

        Roquette is an icon for this conference (organizing and chairing). Also remember, Roquette Usa, inc. is operating a large business in Keokuk, Iowa…
        That’s why I am curious about a possible choice of Iowa for a future l-methionine demoplant ?

        my tweeter account is @oru2day

        Thanks a lot Doris


        Posted by Didier (oru2day) | November 15, 2013, 10:09 am

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